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''AbdulBasit'' Quran Academy is an Online Quran Tutoring Academy. AbdulBasit Quran Academy is a leading Online Learn Quran Teaching & Home Quran learning Academy from Pakistan, provides one to one Online Quran Classes, Lessons  And Basic Islamic Teachings to all Muslims.

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Simply Click Contact page which will take you to the registration page. You can register for free online Quran classes with our online Quran teachers just by filling in your name and contact information.

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Simply click on Courses  which will take you to the courses page. You can select online course and start classes with our online Quran teachers just by filling in your name and contact information.

Schedule Free Trial

Upon receiving your registration, We will contact you back to set your convenience time for you for Free Quran Trial Classes  and give you overview about our Quran teaching process.

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Login to our Student Portal with the provided credentials and start taking your first class with one of our online Qaari (Qura'an Teacher).

We Offer "Free Assessment Quran Lessons"

Online Learn Quran for Kids & Adults

We offer you free online-based Quran Learning Classes before you start your customary class. We have been educating beginning around 2010. Many grown-ups and Kids have effectively learnt and are figuring out how to peruse the Quran with appropriate way to express the Quran with our certified live male and female Quran mentors. Their Parents have been satisfied with our administration and mentors approach to coaching.

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Why Choose

'AbdulBasit' Qura'an Academy

AbdulBasit Quran Academy has been illuminating Muslims about the lessons of the heavenly Quran and making their lives as indicated by the standards of Islam. We invest heavily in what the future held volunteer to make our family great Muslims. With a bit by bit process planned by remembering the target of showing our understudies accurately, we intend to cause you to learn Quran with tajweed completely. Having the advantage of taking classes on the web, you can pick the timings that suit your schedule best, learn everything through the solace of your home, and take direction from our accomplished Quran educators whenever you need. Regardless of whether you have gone to some place for occasion with your kids, this web-based Quran learning process keeps you associated with us each and every day. Our master Quranic instructors know the worth of everybody's time, consequently, they are incredibly dependable and never miss a class under any condition. You can have confidence that once you begin taking these internet based Quran learning classes with us, you will peruse Quran fluidly in a matter of days.

  • 3 days free trial classes
  • Online Quran memorization
  • Your desired timings & days
  • Monthly assessment of children progress
  • Tajweed Quran word by word
  • Different Islamic and Quranic courses if you want

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Learn Quran

Why is there need to learn Quran for kids

On the off chance that you are living in some other nation so you can confront trouble while tracking down guide for your child. In the event that you are living in non-Muslim country, you should realize that there are less number of Quran foundation in USA and UK. Because of this explanation, a large portion of the people can not instruct Quran to their children. Accordingly, we have settled your concern by offering on the web Quran educating. We are offering equivalent open doors for grown-ups and children and we have quality instructors for both. We are offering on the web classes for your children and we have educated instructors who can help Quran to kids living in any country. They can communicate in english so you won’t have to stress over language. The absence of Quran guides, the Quran learning is gravely impacted accordingly we have given methods of online Quran Learning.

International Quran Academy

We are offering our services of Online Islamic Courses in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Spain, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE
even all over the world. We invite all Muslims to keen on learning Quran.


By enlisting with our online institute you will actually want to achieve locally situated learning and Quran Teaching an open door. So you can learn Quran no sweat of by sitting at your home. Our Islamic Academy has a few courses that are there for you. These courses have no confined age limit or some other impediments. Become familiar with the Holy Quran at home Online without venturing out starting with one objective then onto the next. Presently, you have an assortment of courses to browse.
AbdulBasit Quran Academy has best Quran Teacher which will assist you with working on your recitation of the Holy Quran. Best Quran reciters helping Muslims from one side of the planet to the other. To gain proficiency with the Holy Quran, this is the best spot that can direct you and assist you with advancing to choose and begin your ideal course.

Satisfaction Of Clients

Setisfaction of our clients is our primary goal. In the event that you are not happy with our Tutor you can contact with our client care administration. We will settle your issues. Our client care administration is accessible for 24 hours and we are here to listen your concerns Now grown-ups and kids, both can Learn Quran Online word by word Online at home without utilizing any superfluous course materials. Quran educators Online by Our Online Quran Academy are giving the chance to children and grown-ups to become familiar with the Holy Quran word by word at home.


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What Our Students Say About Us

I am a student and I think online Quran learning is the best way to learn Quran and I am fully satisfied with Abdulbasit Quran academy.

Asma Ahmed

Texas, US
My kids really look forward to there Quran lessons. He's extremely patient with them and understands where they need more attention.


Texas, US
Your teachers are very good and educated Masha Allah, and I am very happy with it.

Maria Noor

Rome, Itly
Alhamdulillah my 2 kids are learning Quran with tajweed. I loved it and nothing to complain about. I would highly recommend it.


I'm learning so much and the teacher and their support are so helpful and they make everything so much convenient and easy for you.

Hammad Tahir

Cape Town, SA
The tutors are very kind and easy to lean with. I am very pleased with my Teachers and with Abdul basit Quran Academy.

Nayyar Shehzad

California, US