What Is Meant By Lahan In Tajweed ?

What Is Meant By Lahan In Tajweed ?

What Is Meant By Lahan In Tajweed ?
What is Lahan?

Types of Lahan (Mistake) In Tajweed

There are two types of Lahn In Tajweed (Mistake) Lahan Jali & Lahan Khafi.

  1. Lahn Jali (thick and prominent error)
  2. Lahan Khafi (subtle and modest)

Lahn Jali” A clear and obvious error is called “Lahan Jali“.

Some Examples of Lahan Jali are listed here.

  1. Reading another letter (الہمد) in place of a letter (الحمد), like reading Al-Hamd(الہمد) instead of Al-Hamd (الحمد)
  2. Extending a letter like reading Alhamdulillahالحمدللہ as Alhamdulillahi الحمدوللہ
  3. Dropping a letter, such as wal lim yold و لم یولد reading lim yeld لم یلد
  4. Making Mistakes of Harakat & Sakanat

These four types have been described, and if there is any mistake in them it will be Lanhan jali” And the command of “Lanhan jali” is also being explained. And “Lahan Khafi’s” statement is coming forward.

Most of us do not know what is meant by Lahan (error) in Tajweed. but we must know that mistakes (Lahan Jali & Lahan Khafi) in Tajweed change the meaning of the Holy Quran, if we read the Holy Qur’an wrongly and make mistakes in Tajweed, so what will be the benefit instead of it will be a sin.

The Command Of Lahan Jali

This mistake is forbidden and the order of Lahan Jli is forbidden (Haram). In some places due to changing its meaning the prayer also becomes invalid, That is why we should learn tajweed and avoid Lahan jali .

Lahan Khafi

Lahan Khafi refers to small and minor mistakes. This does not change the meaning but the beauty of the recitation is lost ,For example reciting (raa) thinly instead of thickly in the form of zabur (Fatha) or not paying ghana etc this is called Lahan Khafi, This destroys the beauty of the Holy Quran.

The command of Lahan Khafi

Reciting the Holy Qur’an with a “Lahan khafi” is makruh not forbidden so it must be avoided .

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